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A minimalist decor around gray and white

The other day, while walking around Insta, I discovered a great account that offered lots of DIY ideas to make with sausages. Although I thought it could be a good article, I finally decided to make you discover the beautiful house of Susana (#reasonable #mercibian).

So it’s in Portugal that I take you to discover the sleek and very soft interior of Susana who is behind the account @citrusandorange on Insta! And as she is very nice, she agreed to share the photos of her beautiful decor!

Hello Susana, thank you for making us discover your beautiful house! Can you tell us more about it?

I bought this house from my brother and started renovating it in 2015 even though it was already in good condition. It is located in Porto, Portugal, and was built in the 30s.

While walking on your account Insta, one can see that the decoration of your house is very minimalist. Have you always liked clean interiors?

I have always been attracted by clean interiors with simple decoration. However, I have developed a more pronounced taste for minimalism in recent years. My tastes change regularly so who knows what style I will adopt later?

You have made the choice of very neutral colors and bright (white, beige, gray) while avoiding a style too cold. What tips can you give us to do the same?

I tried to warm the mood in each room by adding cozy notes. To do this, I used plaids and accessories rich materials such as faux fur, velvet, … It allowed me to add a real sweetness by avoiding my spaces are too cold.

If you had to select a single space, furniture or decorative accessory in your house, which one would you choose?

If I had to make my choice, it would definitely be the garden! An outdoor area is always very nice especially in Portugal!

Thank you Susana for answering my questions!

Thank you Vincent!

To discover the world of Susana:

His account Insta: @citrusandorange

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